Specialty Adult Care

Our team of Therapists are some of the few in the state who are trained in Parkinson’s Speak Out, DJO Vital Stim, and a variety of other specialized treatment approaches NOT available at less specialized centers.


Our team of Therapists are trained and licensed on the following evidence-based examinations and evaluations:

  • PPVT-4 (A and B)
  • EVT-2 (A and B)
  • CELF-P2
  • GFTA-3
  • PLS-5
  • TELD-3
  • PLAI-2
  • TOLD-P4
  • C-TONI

Making Therapy Fun

A major component of progress in children is their motivation to participate in therapy. One way to help create that motivation is by using toys and games to make therapy fun! We have invested in over 100 fun games and learning activities that make therapy a special time that the child and parent can look forward to:

  • Brown Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See?
  • I Spy Memory
  • Don’t Wake Daddy
  • Cat in the Hat I Can do That
  • Busytown
  • Super Stretchy A B C
  • The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel
  • Five Little Monkeys
  • BBQ Blitz
  • Scaterpillar Scramble
  • Honey Bee Tree
  • Elefin
  • And 100+ More!